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At Next Level Fences, our mission is consistently delivering exceptional value to our clients by providing high-quality, cost-effective fencing solutions on schedule. We achieve this by fostering motivated, flexible, and focused teams dedicated to excellence in every project. We prioritize the importance of cultivating strong relationships and conducting business with fairness and integrity in all interactions with employees, clients, vendors, and partners. Our clients rely on our unwavering dependability, drive, and integrity, and we take great pride in our achievements, continually striving to build upon them every day.

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Our vision for the future is to maintain our position as a leading fencing contractor by operating ethically and efficiently, earning the trust and preference of our clients as their contractors of choice.

Award-Winning fence Company

NEXT LEVEL FENCES is proud to have achieved a significant milestone in 2021 by winning the prestigious “FENCE OF THE YEAR” award for Canada, presented by the CANADIAN FENCE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION. Voted on by professional contractors, retailers, agents, wholesalers, and manufacturers of fence products across Canada, this accolade underscores our dedication to excellence in the industry. We sincerely thank Direct Fence Supply Ltd. for their exceptional materials, which have been instrumental in our success.

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Next Level Fences takes pride in providing premium fencing products every home that needs one. Our staff will treat your project like it’s their own. You don’t have to worry a single second while we give your home a beautiful and strong vinyl fence. Entrusting your fencing needs to us is never a wrong idea.