When bylaws grant, these fences can be used around a pool. Installing a vinyl fence is the best decision in an area where water exists because it is not susceptible to rot, warp, and deform like a wood fence and requires almost no upkeep to keep it looking beautiful. In some municipalities, fence enclosure around pools is required to be six feet high. It will be ideal if you check your local bylaws to ensure you have the best possible fence.

The strength and durability of our PVC fencing come from our standard features like aluminum rail inserts and 2-3/8” diameter steel posts.
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Lakeside Pool Vinyl Fence

Lakeside is our best-selling pool fence that adds a look of luxury to your yard. It installs easily using the pipe and collar method of install. We have standard pipe or pipe with a base plate if your fence is installed on concrete. 

*Please refer to the product catalogue for detailed information.

Clearview Pool Vinyl Fence

This fence style is similar to the Bayview, the Clearview highlights a slimmer profile – square pickets 1.5″ x 1.5″. Our standard aluminum insert in the base rail guarantees fence quality. Optional colour and post cap choices are available to fit your desire.

*Please refer to the product catalogue for detailed information.

Driftwood Pool Vinyl Fence

Our Driftwood fence is another unique and beautiful fence style that stands out from an ordinary pool fence. This fence has alternating pickets, 3″ and 6″ wide. Set around a front yard, back patio, deck or pool, this fence is genuinely unique.

*Please refer to the product catalogue for detailed information.

Clearbrook Pool Vinyl Fence

Similar to the Clearview, the Clearbrook is another great modern fence style. It has a middle rail on the upper portion that adds a different aspect of design. Along with the Fairmont privacy fence, the two compliment each other and come together to complete any yard.

*Please refer to the product catalogue for detailed information.